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Tales from the Script

In another segment, she recalls her experiences while walking around in circles onstage, as if to suggest that she does not know where she is heading in life. The simple set - a plain backdrop with a couch, armchair and bicycle as the main props - also hints at an emptiness that engulfs and threatens to consume her, an unthinkably heartbreaking loss that she cannot articulate, let alone overcome. Risa, as she readily admits herself, is a liar, although not in a law-breaking, scandalous sort of way.

Rather, the mildness and highly relatable nature of her lies seems to suggest that everyone is a liar.

Her lies run the gamut of grandiose embellishments made to justify her own actions, to reflexive defensiveness that serve to solidify the mental block within. There are also white lies, lies by omission or those that originate from a lack of courage to speak the truth. The production delves into deep psychological tensions, but Michelle Tan's script has a lightness and optimism, with a dash of self-deprecating humour and razor-sharp sarcasm - which keeps Risa likable throughout. We have been experiencing some problems with subscriber log-ins and apologise for the inconvenience caused.

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But a log-in is still required for our PDFs. Skip to main content. Startup founders get a chance to hone their pitch for potential investors. They get to learn which part of their story is the weakest, and which part resonates.

I Am Trying To Say Something True: Probing play on truth lightened by script

Educators, Samandi said, have to shake up how they teach business and entrepreneurship. For example, if a kid wants to sell a candy bar, that breaks the rules.

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That stifles creativity and entrepreneurship. It makes it hard in that environment for entrepreneurial thinking to thrive. The environment really promotes conformity.


Samandi said many of the Pitch-A-Kid judges had participated in Startup Week in October, pitching adults in the local tech scene. Breaking the rules?

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  8. Thinking outside the standardized test? Trying something that very likely will fail the first few times? Specifically disregarding received wisdom and undermining the old way?

    These are all keys to succeeding in entrepreneurship and fast-moving businesses, but these behaviors are total transcript-crushers in a traditional educational setting. On the other hand, traditional schooling rewards skills that would be career-destroyers in many businesses: Stay in neat rows, stick to your own lane. Remain silent. Work alone for long periods of time, quietly producing long-form texts based on classic ideas from 20, 50 or years ago. What are we doing — training kids for a monastic life?

    Reel Story: You Need the Truth

    Key partners include public school districts, higher education institutions, and local employers from target industries. We heard pitches from: Two marketing and lead-generation startups using artificial intelligence and chat-bots An alternative finance company providing short-term loans through payroll A primary-care, AI-driven, mobile app for diagnosing dementia early and cheaply An improved-design, meditation cushion A veteran-workforce concierge car service for service stations An experiential-learning app for managers to design a customer-service experience.

    Still, AI was the third-buzziest word last year. The questions and comments from the judges echoed my own thoughts.

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