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Ripper vampires Episode 7. After discovering some students feeding on townies, Dorian explains what a Ripper is to Kaleb Chris Lee , defining it as a vampire who is driven by obsession and the gratification of their own desires, even if that means feeding to the last drop and ripping the bodies apart. He says this in reference to Stefan murdering his own family when he went on Ripper bender with Klaus in set between Season 2 and 3 of The Vampire Diaries and even implies that M.

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Damon and Elena's babies Episode When Lizzie wished for an alternate reality where Hope never came to the Salvatore School, we saw Josie mention Damon and Elena's kids while explaining why the school is so hard up for money. Apparently, the Salvatores had been very generous to the school, but they had their own kids to take care of, confirming that at least in this alternate timeline, Delena had babies! In yet another alternate reality, Josie made mention of Stephanie Salvatore, who is almost definitely Damon and Elena's daughter.

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Klaus and Caroline as "Enemies of the State" Episode In Lizzie's wish world where Hope was never born, Klaus turned off his humanity and started a war, outing supernaturals to the world. We saw his face on wanted posters, and a newspaper clipping had drawings of him and Caroline, declaring them enemies of the state. Some super industrious fans even zoomed in on the newspaper and discovered that Caroline was referred to as "his wife, Caroline Mikaelson," revealing that in this world, they were married, giving a pretty major nod to the Klaroline romance that never quite got its time in the sun on The Vampire Diaries or The Originals.

Legacies 1x10 on the newspaper, it's super blurry, but if you try to read the article you can definitely pick "Hybrid Klaus Mikaelson and his wife Caroline Mikaelson. Kai Parker footnote Episode Kai Parker's name was scribbled in the margins next to the paragraph explaining The Merge and how the ritual pits twins against one another in a bid to rule the coven. Kai, the last leader of the Gemini coven and the twins' uncle, was the big bad of The Vampire Diaries Season 6, and he was locked away in a prison world twice to keep him from wreaking havoc on the world.

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The painting Hope made with Klaus Episode While trying to determine who really set the fire that ruined Spring Break three years ago, Hope told Lizzie that the fire destroyed the only painting she ever created with her dad. Considering this fire predated The Originals final season, we can only assume she meant the watercolor painting she made with Klaus the day she first met him in The Originals Season 4. The Crescent Pack Episode When M. In addition to their ability to turn at will, the Crescent Pack were once under a curse placed on them by Marcel which meant they were only human during the full moon and had to be in wolf form the rest of the month, which would have made this kind of recipe invaluable to them.

Caroline's ballgown Episode To help Hope's bid for the Miss Mystic Falls title, Lizzie lent her a gown that used to belong to her mother Caroline, but both girls only later found out that the dress was actually a gift from Klaus Mikaelson. On The Vampire Diaries , when Klaus was first trying to woo Caroline, he sent her this ballgown along with an invitation to his family's ball with a request to save him a dance.

Freya explains The Merge Episode Freya explained the truth — that Gemini twins have to overtake each other in a ritual when they turn 22 that kills one of them in the process. It's no wonder Freya had the answer given the Mikaelsons' familiarity with siphoner witches. The reverse Kyanite ring Episode After the Crescent Pack elixir muddled Raf's mind, Hope gave him a ring that let him shift into a wolf permanently instead of just on the full moon.

She told him it's like a "reverse kyanite ring," which is used to stop wolves from shifting on the full moon. Said rings were developed in Season 1 of The Originals when Klaus was trying to win over the werewolves of New Orleans. The episode title of the Legacies Season 1 finale was one major homage to the mythology of both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, which was based on the theory that nature always finds a balance. No supernatural being could ever be truly immortal because nature would create a loophole that provided a way to kill it in order to maintain balance; for the Original vampires that loophole was the white oak wood that could kill them, and for Malivore, it was Hope's existence as a tribrid of the three species that created it.

Wickery Bridge Episode In the season finale, Alaric got stuck behind a roadblock because the Triad blew up Wickery Bridge. Wickery Bridge was a staple of The Vampire Diaries as it was the site of the car crash that claimed the lives of Elena's parents and the crash where she later died and became a vampire.

It also happened to be entirely made of white oak, the only wood that can kill an Original vampire, which is why Rebekah burned it to ash in Season 3. The Travelers Episode The Triad used a creepy blood fountain to nullify the school's magic in the finale, which Alaric revealed to be a creation of a coven of witches called the Travelers. These witches were the big bad of The Vampire Diaries Season 5. A curse had been placed on their line centuries ago that prevented them from ever settling in one place, making them nomads.

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They specialized in body-jumping, doppelganger magic, and the previously-mentioned magic nullification. The Ascendant Episode Alaric wasn't just keeping his daughters' Gemini heritage a secret from them, he was also hiding a mystical trinket called the Ascendant in his bookshelf. On The Vampire Diaries , the Ascendant was a magical device that allowed witches to harness a celestial event to create a portal to another world — in this case, the Ascendant Josie found was one she and her sister created as children so it could be used by Bonnie Bennett to imprison Kai Parker in a prison world in the final season of The Vampire Diaries.

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For example, Melchiah 's inability to sustain his physical skin was past to his children who became very zombie-like. Though it can also work to an advantage, such as Rahab 's ability to swim being passed to his offspring who thereafter dominated the waters of Nosgoth.

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Despite being stronger and hardier than humans, there were a variety of ways to kill a vampire: Water burned a vampire's skin like strong acid did to humans and immersion was fatal; Fire 'inflamed' and burnt vampire flesh and Fledglings were vulnerable to sunlight. Otherwise, a vampire would have to be impaled through a vital organ or have their head or heart removed in order to kill them, any other damage they took would be healed almost instantly as their flesh would simply knit itself back together an ability sustained by adequate blood supplies.

Additionally, vampires are vulnerable to certain sound frequencies: Marcus was incapacitated with pain upon hearing the bells of Meridian 's cathedral , while the humans within Kain's Empire created the Silenced Cathedral , a stronghold created to generate destructive soundwaves, to combat the vampires.

After death, a vampires soul is drawn into the Spectral Realm where, after some time, it may adapt and become a Vampire Wraith. It would contend for souls with other native species of the realm such as the Sluagh. Vampire Wraiths are very agile and quite powerful compared to most other Spectral species. If the means through which a vampire is killed is reversed, a Vampire Wraith may be able to re-enter their body, with the added ability to cast an energy-siphoning band to their enemies and draw upon their energies from afar.

For example, if a vampire was killed through impaling, the vampire could be revived by simply removing the implement with which they were impaled, allowing the skin to heal and reanimating the body. Death through immolation, beheading and other more permanent means that natural vampirism cannot adapt to were irreversible. The Hylden utilized a special kind of magic, known as Glyph magic , which was deadly to vampires as well. Glyph barriers could be used to repel, injure, and imprison vampires.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. A vampire's feast! Like cattle awaiting slaughter, men and women dangled from the rusted hooks upon the dungeon walls, blood and viscera frosted the dirt and stone. The abundance nearly overwhelmed me. For blood is the life Contents [ show ]. In the historical eras that Raziel visits, he discovers that Nosgoth's early vampires were persecuted and eventually hunted to extinction.

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Out of self-preservation, the vampires have retreated from the world, and Raziel therefore encounters few of their kind. Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver comic. Soul Reaver 2. Blood Omen 2.

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Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain The first paradox. Major characters. Minor characters. Other characters. Major locations. Minor locations. Other locations.

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The Great Southern Lake. Blood types. Minor items. Innate abilities. The Lost Worlds documents. YouTube videos. Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain transcript. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver The Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver comic Timelines The second timeline. The Overland. The City. Essential items. Other items.

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