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This leads to premature pregnancy. It is estimated that around 14 million girls between the ages of 15 and 19 give birth each year.

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In a country where around 26 percent of the population is below poverty line, parents opt for child marriages out of economic necessity. Minor girls are married to older men in lieu of money or land. Some parents see it as a way to protect their girls from lecherous eyes of landlords, prevent inter-caste affairs, and shift their burden on another person. Simultaneously, many NGOs are working to make its followers aware of the evils of such marriages.

Despite all the efforts, child marriages are still widely prevalent in many parts of the country, especially in rural areas.

Essay The Evils of Child Labor -- child abuse, traditions, expectations

The only way to discourage such practice is to bring about a change in the outlook of people. RSS Feed. Home Marriage. No related posts. No tags.

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Comments are closed. RSS feed for this post comments. Driving policy-level change requires relationships with several stakeholders - media, lawmakers, citizens, fellow civil society members, etc. Many cases have been filed under the recent Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences Act and Immoral Traffic Prevention Act, which have successfully translated in increased convictions, demonstrating how legislating can curb child trafficking.

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NGOs also maintain coordination with district and state level authorities for a vigilant eye on the implementation of pro-child laws. India has the world's largest educational system, yet faces the hurdles of low literacy, due to low enrolment. The organisation maps out-of-school children and those who are at risk of dropping out and ensures that they enter into the fold of education.

Create a dialogue with children and families to send children to school, provide admissions assistance. Create fun, meaningful experiences in school, with child-friendly and interactive teaching-learning methods. Generate funding for, and establish libraries and infrastructure like computers, sports equipment and Mobile Learning Centres.

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  • Successfully bringing back out-of-school children dropouts and both never-been-to-school children , street children, and child laborers to school. Child labor gets a resounding approval when Indian businesses openly use it, in industries like retail, hospitality, and menial work.

    Top 5 ways to tackle the problem of child labor in India

    NGOs today sensitise trade organisations to end this social evil, and educate locals about reporting instances of child labor at businesses and homes. Save the Children offers immediate aid to victims of child labor, while also working for long-term societal change through policy change. The NGO works to ensure that existing policies are followed through with action.

    The MOST EVIL KIDS in the History of the Mankind

    It has rescued children from child labor, in pan-India ongoing relief and rescue missions. Present in countries, Save the Children focuses on education and a new life of millions of children affected by armed conflict and exploitation. Initiatives from civil society have given lakhs of children the means of living dignified life where, they can cherish their childhood.