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Bookmark this page and return to get information about 's events! This small town shows off its big heart with the largest event of its kind in Monterey County. There's a parade, live entertainment on five separate stages, arts and crafts vendors, food booths, carnival rides, a classic car show, a quilt show, pony rides, a dance showcase and more! And best of all, it's free. Everyone loves a parade! The over entries will include historic vehicles, live bands, community groups, and more. There are plenty of events for adults and kids at Good Old Days! Head over to the Post Office to find carnival rides, inflatable jumpers and exhibits that will entertain the entire family.

Ride a pony at Jewell Park or horse around at the petting zoo. Over 30 food vendors will be on hand throughout Good Old Days to assuage any hunger pangs you may feel. It's not possible for anyone to see all of the entertainers performing at Pacific Grove's Good Old Days. From theatrical performances to dance to music ranging from the traditional to good old rock and roll, it's all happening at Good Old Days.

I do know you have showed how stupid you are, and that you are teaching false doctrine from the Bible or maybe you teaching false doctrine from a false Bible. Either way, Jesus is coming very soon. There are too many to prove you wrong.


Satan has you bound and your eyes blinded. The supposition is a foolish reflection upon the providence of God in this world. Our memory of the past is selective. We tend to block out the bad and remember only the good. We all put a picket fence around something. For my generation it was the fifties, and for other generations it will be something else.

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You mention dolls and automobiles. My mother grew up without ever having a doll or the ability to buy one.

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There were no supermarkets in her day. My father told us how he had to walk to get a pound bag of flour so his mother could make bread and pasta for the family.

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Baking took all day. I can remember the mechanical washer and wringer my grandmother used to wash clothes. Wet clothes were hung outside on a line to dry. Yes, those were the good old days of drudgery—sun up to sun down chores that never went away.

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You mention houses with doors and locks. Do you realize how modern it is even to own a home with indoor plumbing and central air and heating? The light bulb was invented in Before that time, it was candles, kerosene lamps, and dangerous natural gas the smell is added today for safety! Travel was not easy. You sent me an email that I received in seconds.

No paper, stamp, envelope, or postman needed. Not a single science fiction writer ever conceived of the internet. Packages can be delivered overnight; in some cases, the same day an order is made. Now we have cell phones more capable than the computer that was used to send men to the moon. Ask your grandparents about party lines. The Galveston hurricane of killed people. Katrina killed a few hundred. What made the difference?

We have technology that can track storms. You and I can turn on the Weather Channel and see the path of the eye of the storm. Modern-day transportation makes mass evacuations possible. In , there was no way to know how powerful a storm might be and no way to escape it. Technology could have saved the lives of those caught in the December 24, tsunami that hit the west coast of Indonesia with an ocean warning system.

Humorist P. Prior to , in preparation for an operation, you drank booze until you passed out—hopefully. Jimmy Carter was the first president born in a hospital. We have too much food. What a great problem to have. The diet industry in America is a multi-billion-dollar business. What was life like before the polluting automobile?