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Plumber Erotica for Couples. The Pact A Love Story. Taming the Highland Bride Historical Highlands. Big Girl Panties A Novel. Fast Track. The Deed. The Sunnyvale Girls. Man Drought. And it's nothing, great works like this deserve recognition and your Dean is just yummy. Oh my god i love it!!!

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I've drawn fanart for this myself, unpublished of course. But this, is soooo freaking awesome!!! Kinganimalia Featured By Owner Oct 22, I'm just wondering who you base Deirdre on. Nice choice anyway, serious and old enough to be the sister of some who was somewhere close to 60 I've not definitively pin down John's possible age.

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I like having a mental image for her, and therefore for how Michael looks most of the time. I don't know the name of the lady I used as model found her searching "serious hairdo" but I was like "she'd make a good vessel for Mike". I could easily imagine her talking to the boys.


Sorka42 Featured By Owner Oct 22, This perfect! So Amazing!!! Thank you very much for this I was just reading this for the second time now. Thank you. I too have read UD twice and will surelly read it agian later!

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So beautiful! And now I can picture what Michael looks like. A blank expression crossed Kagome's face "Yeah whatever Inuyasha and as 'fun' as this conversation has been I'm going inside now so you can go" He looked at her with a. He cleared his throat "is that really all? You're just going to go.

Say thanks for scaring me even though. Inuyasha watched Kagome as he waited for an answer "well are you going to answer. Kagome's head snapped up "what is that supposed to mean? You on the other hand have been completely calm the whole time" The raven haired.

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  4. He nodded "that is true". Kagome looked him in the eyes "well now. Kagome turned around to look at the hanyou again "well knowing my. She shook her head at him "no it means that. The silver haired hanyou stood there for a minute half expecting that she would come back but she didn't.


    As he walked away from Kagome's. Story Story Writer Forum Community. It started with a scare she found him strange and he found her intriguing. What was it about her that made her so hard to forget? Inuyasha just couldn't work it out but he wanted to know. Unexpected Destinies Chapter One Shocking Introduction A crisp breeze blew her midnight silky hair across her face causing her to pause for a moment. She didn't know what it was but the way the air moved around her sent chills up her spine.

    Kagome never liked walking home in the early hours of the morning but work had kept her late and before she knew she was walking the dark streets at 2am in the morning. The sound of hushed footsteps crept into her thoughts and she tensed, not wanting to look back to see if her mind was just playing tricks on her she made note to just quicken her pace and get home.

    Wrapping her arms around her as another breeze flew past her she noticed that the once hushed footsteps had now gotten louder and seemed to be closer. Panic crossed her face and she slowly looked over her shoulder, she sighed and shook her head when she saw that there was no one to been seen.

    She reached the end of the street and turned the corner relaxing a little as her apartment building came into view.

    Unexpected Destinies

    The raven haired woman looked up and down the street making sure there wasn't anyone around before crossing " of course there's no one around stupid it's 2am in the morning everyone is still sleeping" she thought as she shook her head at herself. Relief washed over her as she reached the doors to her building pulling her keys out of her bag to open the door. Hearing the voice startled Kagome causing her to jump and drop her keys. Quickly bending down and picking them up she slowly turned around to see who had just spoken to her only to notice that she was looking at a muscular chest.

    A smirk on his face was the first thing she noticed. Of course you scared me" she yelled at him.